Sabine Finkenauer

Sabine Finkenauer, born in 1961 in the city of Rockenhausen, Germany, has lived and worked in Barcelona since 1993. After her training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, she specialized in sculpture, although in the early 1980s, when she had already settled in Barcelona, ​​her practice moved towards painting.

The realm of botany with its variety of shapes and colours has been a source of inspiration from the very beginning. The structure of plants in the various stages of growth as well as the symmetrical, ornamental composition of flowers has influenced Finkenauer's  repertoire of forms in numerous variations.

Seeking the limit of representation, things are stripped of most of their attributes and converted into "form". It could be argued that "form" is the true theme of Sabine Finkenauer's work: the ambiguity between representation and definition as a sign or symbol relates to ideas of what is visible and what is invisible, from what we see to what is there, intimate and subjective.

Finkenauer's work has been recognised internationally and she has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions.